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The menu is always being developed and restored, so it is very difficult to get bored of our food. The entrees generaly consists of a beef, chicken, seafood, and an "X" item(pork, vegetarian, etc.) and are included with a side(Bacon mac & cheese, Costa Rican rice & beans, or cilantro & lime coleslaw) all for only $8!
Sporks was created by father and son duo: Benk and Miles Dagevos. Benk has over 30 years of experience ownings restaurants, until selling his last restaurant "FA Cafe" in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Miles grew up in his fathers restaurants and graduated from culinary school in South Florida, later running a kitchen in Fort Lauderdale beach. After a lot of hard work and great ideas, Sporks was created December 13, 2014 and has grown into the fabulous food truck that it is today. Constantly changing the menu can be demanding, but the challenge provides an opportunity to improve our skill sets all while doing the most important thing: HAVE FUN! We do what we love, and that is making our customers happy! So please, contact us. Find out where we are and schedule us for your party or lunch, it will be worth it we promise!